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Health Insurance

This Policy covers Hospitalisation /Domiciliary Hospitalisation Expenses for illness, disease Incurred that includes:

  • Medical benefits: In patient, Day care and Out patient - Maternity cover
  • Funeral expenses
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Repatriation
  • International & Domestic transfer
  • Treatment overseas
  • Trauma care
  • Health Check-up
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Ancillary Expenses

Add on Covers

  • Personal Accident Benefits: Death and Permanent Disability - Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Top - Up cover
  • Corporate Buffer

Liberty also offers ‘Cash less’ facility at leading hospitals of Papua New Guinea for a hassle free experience to our customers with an instant Pre-authorisation approval at the time of admission.

The key benefits of our Plan are as under:

  • Tailor made product available with multiple plans/options Product supported by a robust IT platform
  • Seamless cashless process
  • Coverage for alternative treatments/medicines


Any condition, aliment or injury or relation condition(s), for which you have had signs or symptoms, and/or diagnosed, and/or received medical advice/treatment, within 48/24* months prior to the first policy with our company (* as per selected plan), is termed pre-existing disease.

Yes, waiting periods will be applicable afresh in relation to the amount by which the Sum Insured has been enhanced. For example, if the waiting period for maternity cover is 3 years, any expenses under this cover can be claimed only after 3 years from the date of policy inception.

Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Liberty’s accident insurance offers a 24/7 and worldwide cover, financial security and complete peace of mind by covering Death, disablement (permanent & temporary) & medical expenses.

The cover is available under various plans such as a Death only cover, Death and Permanent Disablement, Death, Permanent Disablement and Temporary disablement.

This policy provides Compensation in the event of the insured person sustaining injuries, solely and directly from an accident caused by violent, visible and external means leading to Accidental death, Permanent disability (total or partial) and temporary total disability.

Liberty’s Personal Accident cover provides a lump sum if the Insured loses his life or is disabled in an accident. There are also good lump sum/weekly/monthly benefits in case of injuries leading to disablement, permanent or temporary to take care of medical expenses as well as living expenses. The cover comes at an affordable premium offering benefits and security. We at Liberty can devise tailor made policies for various range of Sum Assured as per your requirement.

The key advantages of our policies are

  • No medical check ups
  • Easy to buy with minimum documentation available in various options
  • Hassle free claim process


Now you can protect your entire family with Personal Accident Insurance against accidental injuries. The policy provides the benefits to you and your family, for Accidental Death, Permanent Disability, Broken Bones, Burns due to an accident. It also provides benefit of Ambulance cost and hospital cash.

You can include your spouse as well as two dependent children under the Family Plan.

Dependent child means an unmarried dependent child residing with the insured person between the age of 3 months and up to 18 years or up to the age of 21 if in full time education.