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Marine Insurance

Any loss or damage during transit can substantially impact business and this can be secured with our comprehensive Marine Insurance Policy.

A Marine policy is also a mandatory requirement in import/export shipments for negotiating payments through a letter of credit. Apart from business related shipments, a marine policy is also handy for protecting movement of household goods when an individual needs to shift residence to a different location.

Liberty’s marine policy covers all types of transit – by sea, road, rail and courier and facilitates trade – domestic & international with multiple and cost effective options such as specific, open and sales turnover covers.

We, at Liberty, would be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable cover and also secure your interest with a hassle free claim service.

This policy covers loss or damage to subject matter whilst in transit by road, rail, air or sea conveyance. We cover both inland and overseas shipments through multiple mode of conveyance like trucks, rails, ocean going vessels, air, courier & registered parcels. The insured has a choice to opt for a most comprehensive ‘All risk’ cover or a restricted cover at cheaper premium rates.

This policy covers loss or damage to shipped materials against vehicle collision, overturning, derailment, or accidents happening anywhere from the source to destination. This coverage can also be extended to loss or damage of goods due to theft, strike, riots, terrorism, and other hostile acts by human by opting for appropriate coverage as per one’s need. Liberty’s marine policy offers a comprehensive protection to your goods, materials, machineries, personal belongings etc. whilst they are in transit to any destination in the world.